Brandon, Suffolk, UK.

Welcome to Brandon at War: 1939 – 1945.  This website was first created in 2001 and it has become a good resource for giving an indication of what was happening in Brandon during 39-45 and retelling accounts from people who were in Brandon at the time of the war.

This website features accounts from local residents who witnessed the day to day happenings in the town, as well as those who were away on active service.

I hope you find the site of some interest.  For example the account of a Brandon resident, who incidentally was a troublesome lad in Brandon during the war, who went on to receive a Military Medal from Field Marshal Montgomery and appeared in a comic strip in the 1970s!

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It is done in my spare time and as such I don’t always have time to research anyone’s specific queries, but feel free to use any research you may find in this site and a mention about where you found it would be appreciated, but its not compulsory.  My goal is that Brandon’s history lives on.

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Many thanks,
Darren Norton