October 9, 2013

1939 Directory

Parish Council
H. Lingwood (Chairman)
F.A. Spurgeon (Vice-Chairman)
W.A. Brearley
F.W. Gentle
General H.G. Joly de Lotbinere
B.A.M. Lingwood
O. Lingwood
F.J. Mount
A.E. Chapman (Clerk)

Schools Council
F.W. Gentle (Chairman)
T.A. Green
H. Lingwood
Mrs. O. Lingwood
F.A. Spurgeon (correspondent)
J.T. Capron
G. Rowe (Mixed Schools Headmaster)
Miss M Purser (Infants Headmistress)

Billeting Committee
Mrs G. Clarke
Mr H. Lingwood
F.W. Gentle
B. Wood

Sgt. J.A. Adams and one Constable

Fire Brigade
B. Olley (Captain)
H. Mills (Lieutenant)
F. Green
G. Bond
F. Kybird
C. Hammond
W. Inns
F. Olley
F. Holmes
A.E. Chapman (Secretary)
J.W. Caban (Fire Call)

Bus services
A. Towler, to Bury St Edmunds – Wednesdays & Saturdays;
A. Towler, to Kings Lynn – Tuesday;
Eastern Counties, Bury St Edmunds – Daily (except Tuesdays)