October 10, 2013

Caban, Teddy

APRIL 1941

CABAN AT BUCKINGHAM PALACE – Mr & Mrs Caban have had the honour of attending the Investiture at Buckingham Palace when their son, Sergeant E.G. Caban (R.A.F.) was decorated with the Distinguished Flying Medal.


P.O.W. – Flight Sergeant E.G. Caban, previously reported as missing, is now declared a Prisoner of War.


P.O.W. – In a letter recently received by Mr and Mrs Caban, High Street, Brandon, their son, Flight Sergeant Edward Caban, D.F.M., who is a POW in Germany, writes:

“It will comfort you to know that I have spent a most enjoyable Christmas regarding food, which was due to the splendid parcels sent by the British Red Cross. We appreciate these parcels very much and wish to thank all concerned.”

He adds that the governing power made it possible for each man to receive 2/3rds of a gallon of beer.

Here is a link to a scanned image of a letter that teddy wrote to a Dutch girl as he was being kept captive as a P.O.W. scannen0001