October 11, 2013

Lingwood, Bernard A.M.


Mr. B.A.M. Lingwood wrote to the Bury Free Press …

“In his sombre picture of the trials that lie before us the Prime Minister said: “Constancy and valour will be our only shield.” I wish he had included hope among our defenders.

For a small minority a return to pre-war conditions may be incentive enough to maintain these virtues through the years of tribulation which Mr Churchill envisages, but a return to the discontent which caused the rise and near-triumph of Fascism will not be sufficient to maintain constancy and valour in the masses. That is why a fuller vision of a better future world beyond the mere liberation of the conquered nations is so urgently necessary before the winter, both for the starving and oppressed peoples of Europe and for bombed Britain.


Must we wait for the U.S.A. to enter the war before a democratic worldwide New Deal is held up to counter the Fascist New World Order?”