December 30, 2018



FOOTBALL – Bury and District League Division 1

P W D L F A Pts
Mildenhall R.A.F. 11 8 1 2 56 16 17
Honington R.A.F.  9 6 0 3 24 20 12
Ixworth  9 5 2 2 28 30 12
St. Andrew’s  11 6 0 5 29 30 12
Exning  9 4 2 3 25 18 10
Brandon Town Street  7 4 1 2 17 14 9
Stradishall R.A.F.  7 4 0 3 21 16 8
Westgate Bury  11 4 0 7 23 31 8
Lakenheath  8 3 1 4 29 18 7
Glemsford  6 3 0 3 17 22 6
Eriswell 11 2 2 7 23 33 6
Horringer  12 2 1 9 28 60 5

Brandon Fire Brigade gets a new pump – Messrs. John Kerr & Co have delivered a new trailer pump to Brandon Fire Brigade, who have now carried out the necessary tests by pumping water from Brandon river, near the bridge, and from a water hydrant along Rattlers Road. The Brigade are also happy with their new foam apparatus. Messrs. Vont & Son, from Watton, have won the tender to build a new Fire Station, costing £706.

Brandon Baptist Church Sunday School – On the afternoon of Sunday 15th January, the Brandon Baptist Church Sunday School conducted its annual prize distribution. The Chairman, Captain T Statham, oversaw the proceedings and Pastor Crawford gave a short address. Mrs Statham presented prizes to the following:

BOYS – R Few, J Adams, D Kent, M Hammond, J Webber, C Kent, L Drewry, L Bond, P Jacobs, C Field, C Wharf, A Badcoe, G Gristock, R Field, D Wing, C Webber, F Drewry, A Adams, B Norton, C Portieus, G Philpot, T Ward, B Hammond, J Drewry, J Gentry, D Hyam, E Day and G Hacobs.

GIRLS – B Bilverstone, J Lingwood, J Clarke, D Bilverstone, H Field, S Elmer, E Peacock, P Green, G Field, D Brearley, A Few, M Portieus, S Branch, M Ning, A Gristock, H Gristock, L Taylor, A Brearley, J Green, P Marchant, M Snare, M Hard, M Kent, J Dyer, S Docking and K Field.

Refugees in West Suffolk – from the Bury Free Press …

“Dear Sir –

Mr Chamberlain is hailed in some quarters as our saviour. On his return from Munich he told us that he had secured peace for our time. Why then, this feverish preparation for war?

We are to have a black-out, people are being pressed into Air Raid Precautions service. Sir Auckland Geddes on Tuesday advised housewives to begin to store extra food and bottles of water in case the Government plans failed in case of war, and you tell us that we are to be visited to find out what accommodation we have and how many children we can have billeted on us. What’s it all now?

Women especially, are getting almost nervous wrecks as they pick up their papers. It’s about time the Government told us plainly where their policy is leading, and if there is any real danger of war.



Parish council – Brandon Parish Council discussed a quote from Mr H Mills for making swing gates for the entrance to the churchyard. The quote, of £110s 6d for each gate, was accepted by the council and they also accepted his tender of 12s 3d for each of the metal notice boards which will be used to prohibit cycling on the path.


Parish council – At a meeting of the Brandon Parish Council it was reported that the water consumption for residents in Brandon averaged 9 gallons per head per day.

The Sanitary Inspector reported that due to the George Street store being demolished to make way for the new Fire Station the store shed was not available for the Housing and Water Works store.

Licensee enters 61 years – Mr Robert Kent, aged 83, has now entered into his 61st licence for the Flowerpot Inn. At the Brandon Petty Sessions, where Mr Kent applied to renew his licence, the Chairman Dr A.J. Pickworth, said all at were pleased to see Mr Kent take out his licence again this year and hoped he would attend next year.

Press fashion – Maclarens held an exhibition of Spring fashion at the Paget Hall during 1pm to 8.30pm, on Tuesday 21st March, with admission being free.

National Service – WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
JOIN THE 217th Anti Tank Battery, Royal Artillery (T.A)
Full details may be obtained at the Drill Hall, OLD BARRACKS, KING’S ROAD, BURY ST EDMUNDS. Open from 9am to 9pm.


Promotion – Mr Basil William Rought-Rought has been gazetted as Second Lieutenant in the 5th Battalion, Royal Norfolk Regiment.


Parish council – Brandon Parish Council appointed Mr B Lingwood as Billeting Officer for Brandon and will deal with over 400 children expected to come to Brandon in an evacuation scheme.


TOC H –  Brandon Toc H visited the High Lodge Training Camp on the evening of Monday 3rd June and spent time with the men billeted there.

Young men are still wanted to complete the strength of “A” Company
The 5th Battalion Suffolk Regiment … JOIN TODAY!
Apply to Sergeant Garrett.
29, Springfield Road, Bury St. Edmunds

Tennis – The Brandon Recreation Tennis Club entertained the Thetford Plantation Tennis Club on at the Recreation Courts on the evening of Tuesday 2oth. Brandon won a very close match by one game.


Children’s annual outing – About 100 children, teachers and parents of the Town Street Methodist Church went to Great Yarmouth on Saturday 24th June for their annual outing. Mr A Challis was in charge of the day.

W.I. outing – About 80 members of Brandon’s Womens’ Institute enjoyed a trip to the Bourneville Works of Messrs. Cadbury at Birmingham. Lunch was taken during the train journey and tea was also provided.

New cemetery caretaker – At a special meeting of the Brandon Parish Council, on Thursday 30th June, a new Cemetery caretaker was appointed. The Council accepted the application of Mr Arthur Mackender, 4 Crown Street, at a wage of £1 15s per week. This was the lowest wage asked by any of the applicants, and Mr Mackender will also have use of the cottage and allotment that comes with the job.

Brandon T.A. – The Brandon detachment of the 217th Anti Tank Battery, Royal Artillery, T.A., who have been in camp for their annual training returned home at 11am on the morning of Saturday 8th July. They had travelled all night from Oakhampton and “looked very fit and well”.
The members of the 250th Field Logistics, Royal Engineers, T.A. will leave for their annual training on Saturday 6th August, destined for Canterbury.


Local talent finals – On Friday 10th August, and in front of a full house, the local talent finals were held and the winners were decided by who received the loudest applause. The results were:
Gentleman – 1st Mr Bonnett (Feltwell), 2nd Mr P Owen (Brandon), 3rd Mr Rolph (Lakenheath)
Ladies – 1st Miss H Jones (Brandon), 2nd Miss G Palmer
Boys – 1st Master R Waite (Mundford), Master C Blanchflower and Master Locke (Thetford). A consolation prize went to Master J Kidd.
Girls – 1st Miss P Mail, Miss D Nobbs

Prizes will be distributed on Friday 18th August.


Football – The Football League has wired all clubs in its membership to say that the competition has been suspended and all players’ contracts are automatically in abeyance.

Brandon telephone exchange – Brandon’s automated telephone exchange came into operation this week and has now replaced the manual exchange. This new installation will cater for 150 telephone lines and can be extended at short notice. It will now mean better link ups with Feltwell, Methwold and Mundford without the intervention of an operator.

  • To get to Thetford just dial ‘4’ from Brandon.
  • For Methwold and Mundford, dial ’94’.
  • And ‘0’ to get through by an operator to any other areas.

Eventually it is hoped that it will be possible to dial to anywhere within a 15 mile radius and get charged correctly for that call.

M.R.D.C. – A Billeting Committee consisting of Mrs G Clarke, Mr H Lingwood, Mr F.W. Gentle and Mr B Wood, draw up plans to billet soldiers in Brandon, Lakenheath, Elveden, Wangford and Santon Downham.

Evacuees – 130 evacuees from Green School, their mothers, helpers and other children arrived in Brandon and detrained from the station were they are met with buses. Their Headmistress, Miss Chesterfield, oversees their arrival in the town and the Women’s Institute are on hand to attend to the children’s needs. They are all put in billets before dark.

Evacuation – IMPORTANT NOTICE – Will all householders please notify the Office and return the Billeting Slip immediately any evacuee billeted with them returns to London or vacates the billet for any other reason?

In cases where evacuees have already left, householders must also notify this Office and return the Billet Slip, stating the day on which the premises were vacated. H. VERNON LINDSAY, Evacuation and Chief Billeting Officer, Borough Offices, Angel Hill.  Phone 775

Requisition of vehicles – Arrangements have been made to requisition agricultural vehicles and horses.

Fire tender – Brandon gave its Fire Tender Pump to Moulton.

Woman’s death – Hilda Marchant, a 30-year-old Brandon woman, collapsed and died on the Cornhill in Bury St Edmunds.


M.R.D.C. – The Sanitary Inspector asked the Council for extra assistance following the arrival of the evacuees.

Football – On Sunday 14th October, Brandon Recreation Juniors beat Downham Market Reserves 5-4. The Brandon scorers were – Winter (2), Bilverstone, Fowler, Winter.

Enlisting – Ex-Warrant Officers, N.C.O.s and men are now required for the 5th Battalion, the Suffolk Regiment. Candidates must be between the ages of 22 and 35 and be of good character and fit for General Service.

Petrol price – The petrol price has risen by 2d to 1s 8d per gallon.

Football – On Sunday 21st October, Brandon beat Mundford 4-2. The scorers were – W. Field (3), Towler.

Cinema – As a precaution during wartime there will be a limit on cinema attendances to 2/3rds capacity.


W.I. – About eighty Women’s’ Institute members attended a recent meeting but due to the war there was no lecture, but instead a little evacuee girl entertained them wither singing and dancing.

Dangerous driving – Before the court was Albert Henry Norton, of Brandon Park, who was charged with dangerous driving. On 14th October 1939, he had gone too fast around a corner and collided with a sugar beet lorry on the corner of Angel Hill and Northgate Street. He was fined £2 18s.

Collection – A house-to-house collection by the Brandon British Legion raised £10 12s 5d.

Remembrance Parade – The Remembrance Parade, organised by the Brandon and District British Legion, left the Market Hill, led by the band of the naval training ship H.M.S. Cornwall and included General H.G.J. de Lotbiniere, Mr L.G. Yates, ex-servicemen, Old Fellows, Druids and Red Cross workers. The Parade halted at the War Memorial for the ‘Last Post’, which was sounded by bugler E Royal and the Rev R.L. Gardner led prayers.

Toilet – The Ministry of Health has turned down a proposal for a public toilet to be located along Brandon’s London Road. It was felt that at a cost of £400 a cheaper alternative should be looked into.

Enormous egg – An egg weighing 6½oz has been laid by a hen belonging to Mr and Mrs G Royal of Town Street.

Accident – Mr Crosby Curson received ankle injuries when the horse cart he was driving overturned and he was taken to the Bury and West Suffolk Hospital by the Brandon Ambulance.


Christmas festivities committee – At the annual meeting of the Christmas Festivities Committee it was decided to postpone festivities for this Christmas as a result of the blackout and rationing. The committee was formed by the town’s influential people, who then contributed towards Christmas festivities for the town’s school children and if enough money was left then it went for the OAPs. For the first year since it was created, in 1919, although the committee sincerely hoped this would be the only year it would be cancelled.

Red Cross – Brandon’s Red Cross has arranged for a scheme for making woollen garments for H.M. Forces and hospitals. Wool, bought from London, is issued to volunteers from the Rectory and then completed garments are returned every Wednesday.

King’s Christmas speech – The King’s message to the Empire was played on the radio on Christmas Day at 3pm.

Petty Sessions – At a recent Petty Sessions were cases heard by General H.G.J. de Lotbiniere and Mrs O Lingwood.

Mr Taylor was charged with not complying with lighting restrictions when he drove his motor vehicle in Feltwell after dark. He was fined 10s.
Mr Gedge, of Weeting, was also charged 10s for riding his cycle without shielding his lights.

Goodbye 1930’s … Hello 1940’s – The Bury Free Press ran this comment in it’s last edition of 1939, and foretells of things to come …

“The 1930’s fall behind us now. The coming in of a new decade under any circumstances is an occasion for wondering where … the march of the century may be leading us. In a period of war and wide uncertainty, speculation is intensified. “Happy New Year” is the customary greeting between friend and friend … but the customary greeting seems some now not enough.
Peace. Will it come? Who knows? But we may hope it will. We are fighting for freedom. And so we have taken up arms to smash that wretched archaism [the Nazis]. We must take care that in fighting against the Nazi tyranny we do not sacrifice our own freedom.

The 1940’s open unhappily. But we need not, and we must not, despair on that account. Rather we must determine to make this decade one of tremendous triumph, so that, be our sacrifices however great, and the period during which we must make them, however long, those sacrifices this time shall not be wasted.”