December 31, 2018



Attack on Chicory Factory – On January 30th, the Chickory Factory, near Lakenheath, was damaged by High Explosive bombs and machine gun fire. A lorry driver’s mate, Jack Talbot, aged 40, received a hit just below the heart and died instantly. William J. Greenacre was wounded in the knee by machine gun fire from the same aircraft.


School hit by enemy machine gun – February 27th, 12.59pm, nobody was hurt as bullets passed through the roof of the school on the Market Hill just after midday. The attacker was reported to be a German Dornier 17.  [More details here]


Caban at Buckingham Palace – Mr & Mrs Caban have had the honour of attending the Investiture at Buckingham Palace when their son, Sergeant E.G. Caban (R.A.F.) was decorated with the Distinguished Flying Medal.

Parish Council – At a meeting of the Brandon Parish Council Mr F.W. Gentle outlined the Government’s scheme where ‘pig clubs’ are to be formed, “Today, everyone who can, should keep a pig”, he said. He added that he would be pleased to give a cup to the man who produced the best pig during the year. The Council then resolved to give their full support to Mr Gentle in the forming of the local pig clubs.


British Summer Time – The additional hour of British Summer Time comes into effect on Sunday 4th May at 2 am, when clocks should go forward by 2 hours.

Flintknapper’s shelter damaged – Mr H Edwards, of Flintknappers Hotel, was awarded £7 damages after the Brandon Fire Brigade were testing out two new pumps they had just received and threw water onto the shelter and soaked the inside with water and mud.
The shelter, in the garden of the Flintknappers, cost £55 and was constructed of oak posts covered by boarding and concrete walls, which were wall papered. The roof was concrete and the floor was 1” oak with carpet.


Cricket – W Bullock’s XI beat Army XI by 56 runs at Brandon. The scoring was this:
Bullock’s XI – H Arnold 0, G Whitehead 27, J Parsons 3, W Bullock 24, W Arnold 5, J Elmer 6, S Field 4, E Field 4, T Royal 6, J Arnold 0, K Bugg 1, extras 8. Total 83 runs.  Bowling – J Elmer 5 for 9, W Arnold 4 for 7.
Army XI – Saker 3, Elliot 2, Witty 0, Mason 1, Captain Spencer 1, Harries 8, Turner 2, Kirk 8, Demant 1, Singleton 3, Stokes 1, extras 2.


Up the Suffolks!




Air raid – A lone raider dropped High Explosive bombs early in the morning in a direct line running parallel to the High Street. Damage was reported to a commercial property that suffered broken windows and a direct hit on a lavatory belonging to a Council House were two dogs were killed. Other bombs landed close by in open fields. There are no reports of casualties.


Bomber Fund – The bomber fund has now reached £252 10s 3d and a cheque for this amount has been sent to the Minister of Aircraft.

P.O.W. – Flight Sergeant E.G. Caban, previously reported as missing, is now declared a Prisoner of War.

Flag Days – Miss Neep carried out a Flag Day for two charities and £6 7s was raised for the Church Army’s War Work, and £8 12s for the N.S.P.C.C.

Lotbiniere – Mr S.J. de Lotbiniere, son of General & Mrs H.G.J. de Lotbiniere, of Brandon Hall, has been appointed as Empire Programme Director at the BBC. He joined the corporation in 1932.

Register now for milk – In order to make the most of our winter supplies of liquid milk, and to ensure that those who need milk most will get it, EVERYONE, must now register with the supplier of his choice.
The scheme will give priority to the following:
1. HOLDERS OF A CHILD’S RATION BOOK – one pint per day.
a. The must be registered even if they have a permit under the National Milk Scheme.
2. EXPECTANT MOTHERS – one pint per day.
a. They must register even if they have a permit under the National Milk Scheme.
3. Holders of a general ration book and are under 18 at the end of this year – half a pint per day.
4. Special arrangements, which will be announced later, will be made for certain classes of invalids but they must register now.
Everybody who holds a ration book must register before August 23rd EXCEPT permanent residents in hotels, boarding houses, and other establishments and children who will be back at boarding schools before October 1st must NOT register.
FOOD FACTS No. 55, Issued by the Ministry of Food, LONDON, S.W. 1


Prayer – The Home Guard, Civil Defence and the Girl Guides attended the National Day of Prayer, on the morning of September 7th.

Flag Day – Miss Neep held a couple of Flag Days in the town. One raised £10 17s 6d for the R.S.P.C.A. and the other raised £8 13s 9d for Barnardo’s Homes.

Presumed dead – Mr Jack Dyer has received official notification that his son, Gunner Edgar Dyer, of the Maritime Regiment, R.A., who was previously reported as missing, is now presumed dead.

Killed in action – Driver Eric Mutum, Royal Army Service Corps, has died of wounds while serving in the Middle East. Mutum was 24 years old and is one of three brothers in His Majesty’s Forces. He joined on 4th April 1940 and three months later left for the Middle East. He is a Brandon lad, although his family have moved to Felixstowe.

During a visit to East Anglia on Friday the King saw the greatest concentration of armoured land forces that has ever been witnessed in Britain and took the salute at a march past of the full strength of one of our completely mechanised armoured divisions.  Hundreds of tanks, Bren gun carriers, artillery, mobile anti-tank and anti-aircraft guns roared past the saluting base. Clinging to the hand rail in an armoured troop carrier, flying the Royal Standard, the King kept moving for nearly an hour and a half up and down the lines.

Mildenhall Rural District Council – The Council discussed the issue of cinemas opening on Sundays to entertain the troops and voted 12-4 in favour of Sunday openings. Mr F.W. Gentle stated,

“In my opinion this should be left for the townspeople to vote upon … it is found that in Brandon two-thirds of the Sunday cinema goers are civilians.”

The Council also discussed whether empty houses should be made available for evacuees whilst residents In the district were often made to live in condemned housing.

Petty sessions – Before the court was a soldier, 26-year-old Charles Foreman, charged with attempting to burgle the Co-Op on London Road, at 11.10pm on 30th August. Special Constable Percy Steggles was on duty at that time and approached the Foreman who he had just seen getting down from the Co-Op butcher’s window in Stores Street. The soldier then ran off up Thetford Road and into Lode Street, where the Constable caught him and arrested him. Foreman then grabbed a piece of pipe and threatened Constable Steggles before running off again. Steggles then went for assistance and returned with Constable Dent. At first they could not find the soldier and so proceeded to walk up Thetford Road where they saw Foreman outside the Fox and Hounds public house, he produced his pay book as identification and was arrested again and went to the police station with the constables.
Foreman said he went into Brandon with his squaddie mates in order to visit the cinema but they could not get in and so they went to the pub. After a while he then went outside and waited for them when he was accused of breaking into the Co-Op.


Large fish – On Sunday 12th October Alfred Cunningham, London Road, Brandon, caught an 11¼lb pike near to Wilton Bridge.

Civil Defence – Mr Woodrow, Head of Civil Defence (Brandon), has requested that two long distance messengers with motor bikes are needed for Brandon, along with more First Aiders.

Flag day – A Flag Day, arranged by Miss Neep, has raised £10 for the Lord Mayor’s of London’s National Air Raid Distress Fund.

Road accident – On Saturday 25th October an accident occurred between an Army lorry and a cyclist near the corner of London Road and Rattlers Road. The 21-year-old lorry driver, Private Arthur Sidney Seal, R.A.O.C., suffered a cut lip, and his passenger, Gunner Henry John Hill, R.A., was taken to hospital with a fractured left kneecap. Aircraftsman Conally, who was in the back of the lorry, also received a cut to his head. As they were travelling toward Newmarket they had to swerve to avoid the cyclist and in doing so they hit an obstruction and the lorry was badly damaged. The cyclist, Mr W Marchant, of London, was shaken but otherwise unhurt.

Petty sessions – On August 5th, Gamekeeper, Walter Allen, caught four Brandon youths attempting to poach rabbits and gave evidence against them in court.


Women’s Institute – Brandon’s W.I. held a demonstration of practical cooking and tasting of war-time dishes. The women also donated £5 to the ‘Russian Red Cross’ Fund and Mrs G Clarke announced that the members of the W.I. savings group had so far saved £103 4s since it started saving in March.

Poppy Day – This year’s Poppy Day raised £87 13s. The collectors were Miss Neep, Miss M Carter, Mrs Parker, Miss V Challiss, Mrs Kent, Miss Todd and Mrs Bullock.

Remembrance service – The Brandon Remembrance Service, organised by the Brandon British Legion, held a service at St Peter’s Church. The procession started on the Market Hill and comprised of the British Legion, Home Guard, Fire Brigade, Special Police Constables, Air Raid Precautions wardens and messenger services and First Aid volunteers. A short service was held at the memorial and a bugler sounded ‘Last Post’ and ‘Reveille’.

Wages – Suffolk farm workers’ minimum wage is now set at £3 a week.

1st youth meeting – The 1st Youth Meeting was held at the Council Schools on the Market Hill. The Headmaster of the schools, Mr H.W. Lumsden, outlined the proposals:

  • To encourage children to keep domestic rabbits for fur and food.
  • To collect scraps and waste vegetables from gardens and allotments.
  • The club has eighteen members and sixty two female rabbits.

Petty sessions – A man from Torquay was fined £1 and ordered to pay 5s costs after he was caught trying to use a Petrol Coupon for his own 8hp saloon car while the coupon had been issued for the sole use of public transport. Police Constable Johnson was sat at Hanbury’s petrol pumps in the High Street when the man tried to use the coupon. The man claimed his wife in Torquay had sent him the wrong coupon.
Thomas Frank Nelson, a solider in Brandon, was fined 7s for riding a cycle on the road at night without lights.

Another soldier from Brandon, Arthur Shepherd, was fined £1 for causing a nuisance on a footpath.  In connection with this case, Jack Bertie Barber, again a soldier from the town, was fined 2s 6d, and 10s costs, for obstructing a Police Officer and using foul language after the arrest of Shepherd. Barber rushed at the Police Constable shouting, “He’s my mate!”


Vandalism – The toilet on London Road has been vandalised. A mirror was removed from a wall and left smashed outside on the path and a liquid soap dispenser had also been removed.

Parcels for the men – Mrs A Brearley is arranging for parcels to be sent to Brandon men in the Forces and so far the following men have received these parcels – Leslie Mutum, Ronnie Mutum, Frank Blanchard, Cyril Kent, Charles Green, Albert Carter and Herbert Bilverstone.  The parcels contain razor blades, soap, shaving cream, toothpaste, tooth brush, comb, Brillianteen, stamps, writing pads, envelopes and a pencil.

Missing – Mr and Mrs Jackson, of London Road, have been officially informed that their son, Lance Corporal William Ewart Jackson, RAOC, is missing in the Middle East.