December 31, 2018



Red Cross talk – At a meeting of the Red Cross (Brandon), Mrs H Wentworth-Smith, Commandant, spoke of the possibilities of an invasion and she asked for more volunteers for cookery and nursing any casualties should they arise through enemy action. Several people volunteered.

The cost of war – It is reported that the cost of fighting the war in 1941 was £13 million per day and the Red Cross spends £11,000 per day.

Mildenhall Rural District Council – The Council made an appeal to the residents of Brandon to put out at least six unwanted books which will be collected with their normal refuse bins. The books should be protected from the rain by placing them under the bin lids or keeping them covered. Wet books will not be collected.

P.O.W. – Mrs Austin has been informed that her son, Sapper Austin is missing and presumed captured in the Middle East.

W.U.A. – The Women’s Unionist Association held a meeting at Paget Hall with a prize up for grabs for the member who had bought her gas mask. The prize was not won!


Petty sessions – Percy Norton was fined 10s, and 5s costs, for riding a bike at night without lights.
John William Norton, timber merchant, was charged 10s for driving a car on the road when not the holder of a licence. He told the court, “I’m sorry it’s just an oversight on my part”.

Trade meeting – Brandon tradesmen held a meeting at the Baptist School room and decided that, in order to save petrol and labour, from 16th February no goods will be delivered within a 1 mile radius of the crossroads at the top of the Brandon High Street.

Baptist Sunday School – The Brandon Baptist Sunday School held its annual prize giving and the following were given awards:
Mabel Norton, J. Norton, S. Norton, Brian Norton, Derek Norton, John Gentry, Graham Jacobs, Peter Hunter, Fred Hunter, Dennis Stevens, Walter Stevens.

M.R.D.C. – The Mildenhall Rural District Council has announced that it will hold a Warship Week during 21st – 28th March, and the aim is to get enough funds for H.M.S. Macbeth, a Trawler Minesweeper, worth £62,000.

P.O.W. – Mr and Mrs J Bush, of Station Cottages, have been officially informed that their son who was previously listed as missing is now a Prisoner of War.


Missing – Mr and Mrs A.E. Malt, 80 Bury Road, have received information from the Royal Engineers Record Office that their son, Lance Corporal James H Malt is missing in Malaya.

Funeral – The funeral of Mr Frank W. Ridsdale has been held.

Warship Week – The total money saved during Warship Week is £74,697 6s 9d.


M.R.D.C. – At a recent meeting of the Mildenhall Rural District Council the Surveyor reported that the Ministry of Civil Defence had told him that Morrison table shelters were available for distribution to every household in Brandon, irrespective of income, however those households with a surface shelter would not receive one.  The Ministry of Supply, Salvage Dept. had informed the Council that the tonnage of bones so far collected was far below what was expected. The bones were used for fats for explosives, glycerine, glue, fertilisers and medical products.


Missing – Mr and Mrs A Glaister, White Horse Street, Crown Street, Brandon, have been officially notified that their son, Private Sidney Glaister, Cambridgeshire Regiment, is missing following the fall of Singapore.

M.R.D.C. – At a meeting of the Mildenhall Rural District Council, Vice Chairman, Mr Gentle, stated that he had seen an Army lorry dumping refuse in a pit in Santon Downham. He stopped and questioned the men and took the number of the lorry involved. He will go to their Commanding Officer and report the incident. The Council decided that the Sanitary Inspector should report the matter to the Army HQ and to the Ministry of Supply as there was a considerable amount of salvage in the refuse.

W.I. – The Women’s Institute (Brandon) have so far donated £5 to the West Suffolk Hospital, £5 to the British Sailors’ Society and £41 2s 6d of war savings was subscribed by members in Warship Week.

Missing – Mr and Mrs S Kent, of Fishponds, have received official notification that their son, Sapper Henry Kent, Royal Engineers, is missing in Singapore.


Collection – This is the first month of the ‘Penny A Week’ collection, organised by Mrs de Lotbiniere and Miss Neep, on behalf of the Red Cross Agriculture Fund, and so far £17 12s 2d has been raised. The collectors were:  Miss E Challis, Mrs Currie, Miss B Royal, Mrs Vincent, Miss Lockwood, Mrs Carter, Mrs Hammond, Miss Warren, Mrs Hill, Mrs S Lingwood and Mrs Adams.

FIRE! –  Fire destroyed the roof of a boiler house at Calders Ltd., Saw Mills on Saturday afternoon, 27th June. Volunteers with stirrup pumps attempted to control the blaze until fire pumps from Brandon, Mildenhall and Bury St. Edmunds arrived.

Parish Council – Questions were raised at the Brandon Parish Council as to why the clock on the Market Hill remains silent even though there has not been an act of Parliament to decree that town clocks should remain silent.

P.O.W. meeting in Bury – Mayoress of Bury St Edmunds, Elsie Oliver –

“We should like, through your paper, to invite the next of kin of the 5th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment, to come to a meeting at the Athenaeum on Friday, June 26th at 3 o’clock, when it is hoped we may be able to meet all those who have relatives in the Battalion.

I am writing as Chairman of a small welfare committee, which was approved before the Battalion left England. We are anxious to be of assistance in any way possible.”


Missing – Mrs Carlton, of Fishponds, Brandon, has been informed that her husband, Regimental Sergeant Major J.T. Carlton, Green Howards, is reported missing in the Middle East.

P.O.W. – Featuring in a list from the enemy of British prisoners held by them is the name of Lance Corporal W.A. Hill, 4384230, of Thetford Road, Brandon.

New youth organisations – The Brandon Flight of the Air Training Corps was formed in late March and now 30 members under Pilot Officer H.W. Lumsden hold meetings and instruction on four evenings a week.  Pilot Officer Lumsden has also formed Flights in Hockwold, Methwold, Northwold and Feltwell.

  • The Girls Training Corps was formed six weeks ago under Commandant Miss W Wilmhurst though it is few in number.
  • The Army Cadet Corps has been operational for three months and has 35 members led by 2nd Lieutenant R.A. Baldock and they meet three times a week.
  • The Youth Movement holds meetings every Wednesday at the school and are conducted by Miss Cynthia Holmes, with assistance from Instructors – Mrs W Woodrow, Miss J Byron, Miss Braybrook.
  • A Scout Troop will be formed on 20th July under the leadership of Scoutmaster Mr G Philpot from the Gas Works. The Cub will also be revived, with Miss H Stanhope as Captain Mistress, assisted by Lieutenant Thompson of the Girl Guides.

M.R.D.C. – At a recent meeting of the Mildenhall Rural District Council the Medical Officer, Dr Clayton, gave his annual report.


  • 1939 = 187
  • 1940 = 195
  • 1941 = 215 (illegitimate)


  • 1939 = 140
  • 1940 = 171
  • 1942 = 168

Death of infants = 5
Death from tuberculosis = 8
Death from bronchitis = 14
Death from cancer = 27
Death from influenza = 3
Death from measles = 1
Death from heart disease = 41

The Sanitary Inspector made 2332 inspections:
210 houses needed attention and of these 182 were resolved by the house owner.
There are 123 registered cow keepers.
The water in the river is far from satisfactory for bathing.

W.I. – The Brandon Women’s Institute donated £10 for the Prisoners of War and £1 to the Youth Movement in Brandon.

Mildenhall Rural District Council – UNRATIONED MEAT FOR ALL
The above Council has arranged for delivery of MEAT PIES.  On TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS to all Parishes in the Rural District.
As from TUESDAY, the 28th July, the pies, price 3½d each, will be on sale at the Brandon addresses below:

  • Co-Op Society, London Road;
  • P.W. Hyam, High Street;
  • R.H. Zipfell, London Road;
  • S.R. Bailey, Town Street;

The pies will be available to all residents in the area and allocation will be one pie per ration book per distribution. The public are requested to place an order with a retailer for a weekly supply of pies and so avoid disappointment. All orders for the initial supply must be given by SATURDAY the 25th July.  Please bring your own bags or wrapping when collecting the pies.  F.DANNATT, Clerk to the Council, Council Offices, Mildenhall 15th July, 1942

M.R.D.C. and meat pies – Demand for the meat pies has been overwhelming and the Council has asked for a bigger van as they are delivering on average more than 10,000 per week.


M.R.D.C. – At a meeting of the Mildenhall Rural District Council concern was expressed that civilians were getting into the Sunday performances at the cinema ahead of the troops.Mr F.W. Gentle stated,

“I do think its unfair when you see many troops turned away and civilians have all gone in. I saw this happen last Sunday and it is not right at all. There should be a certain time limit for troops to get in. Can we suggest any way out of this matter?”

Mr H Wentworth-Smith said,

“I am in agreement with Mr Gentle. Let us ado all we can for the troops in our midst, but you have got to have some regard for your civilian workers, most of them are working overtime and late. The Home Guard are working every night and many of them cannot get there on a week night.”

The Secretary of the Admiralty sent a letter to the M.R.D.C. expressing pleasure at the result of the Warships Week in the district. H.M.S. Macbeth had been adopted and a commemorative plaque was to be sent and in return a plaque presented to H.M.S. Macbeth. The plaque would cost £10 and be made of oak.

Wedding anniversary – Mr and Mrs E Norton celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary on 21st August 1942. Mr Norton is aged 84 and his wife is 71 and they were married at the Thetford Registry Office in 1892 and they are currently both in good health. He was born in Town Street and is a keen gardener with “ a fine bed of onions”.
The couple have six married sons and daughters:
Mrs W Royal, 3 Town Street,
Mrs F Zipfell, 149 London Road,
Mrs Phyllis Turrington, 1 Town Street,
Mr Reg Norton, 151 Thetford Road,
Mr J.W. Norton, ‘Pine Villa’, London Road,
Mr Donald Norton, ‘Woodcote’, London Road.
There are also ten grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Child’s funeral – The funeral of Sheila Ruth Branch, aged 10 years, took place in Brandon and the Sunday School and her teachers were in attendance. Her death followed a short illness in the West Suffolk Hospital. Her parents live at Thetford Road, although her father, Sergeant C Branch was not in attendance after being reported as missing in Malaya.

B.E.M. Medal awarded – Mr. George Harrington, a 29-year-old tractor driver, of Lime Kiln Farm, has been awarded the British Empire Medal for gallantry displayed in extricating injured members of the crew of the ’plane which crashed and burst into flames.
At about 4pm on the afternoon of Saturday 28th February, Mr Harrington was working in a yard at the farm, when he heard a British bomber coming over very low with it’s engines racing and flying rather slowly. He watched the plane and saw one of the wings hit the ground and the bomber burst into flames. He immediately ran towards it and had nearly got to it when he saw one of the airmen stumble out. When he got to the plane he saw two other airman who had been thrown clear, but whose feet were against the blazing plane. He pulled them away from the machine and, going forward, saw another airman in the wreckage. Mr. Harrington pulled him clear and by that time an Army officer and a Private had arrived.

They found another airman amongst the tail part of the machine and the soldier then remarked that there should be six occupants. Mr. Harrington and the private went and looked into the inside of the blazing bomber and saw another airman there. Together they got inside and released the trapped airman, and with the help of the officer, carried him away from the plane. During this time the plane’s ammunition and fuels tanks exploded.
Mr Harrington has been very modest about achievement and states that the Army personnel gave him assistance.


P.O.W. – Mr and Mrs A Towler, of London Road, have received information that their son, Sergeant Cecil Towler, serving in a Canadian Regiment, was captured during the raid on Dieppe and is now a Prisoner of War. It has been reported that he received two wounds and is currently in hospital.


M.R.D.C. – The Mildenhall Rural District Council expressed their anguish that the personnel from the Fire Brigade had no accommodation.


P.O.W. – Mr and Mrs F Edwards, of Thetford Road, have received a letter from their son, Private E Edwards, telling them that he is now a Prisoner of War in Italy.

Our men at the front cannot relax this Christmas. Nor must you. There can be no truce, no armistice in the Battle for Fuel.
Fuel savers have done well in the last few months. Any slacking now in the saving of coal, coke, electricity, gas, paraffin –
even for a couple of days – would lose much of the ground we have just gained.
There is no need for a cold, cheerless Christmas. But there IS need to make sure that this Christmas will not lead to forgetfulness about fuel saving.  The best Christmas present we can give our fighting forces is to keep on saving fuel so as to give them more weapons.

Christmas action hints –

  • 1. Don’t ‘roar’ your resources of coal away; and don’t ‘let yourself go’ on gas and electric fires. Colder weather is coming.
  • 2. Don’t forget that water is precious – especially hot water. Don’t wash up in ‘dribs and drabs’.   Collect a decent pile of dirty crockery and make one job of it.
  • 3. Above all, share your firesides.  It’s the get-together season and by getting together around one fire, two or three families can keep really warm and comfortable and still keep their fuel consumption low.
  • 4. Send a card to the Public Relations Branch, Ministry of Fuel and Power, Dean Stanley Street, London, S.W.1 for advice on how to lag your pipes and tanks.

Scouts – The Brandon Scouts first Christmas Party took place on Christmas Eve. They decorated their HQ and invited parents along. Scoutmaster Mr G. Philpots, organised a musical evening followed by games and a sausage and mash dinner, with buns and mineral water.

Paper salvage – The average paper salvage returns per house in Brandon during 1942 was 47.8lbs.