December 31, 2018



Darts – A darts tournament at the Flowerpot raised £6 6s 3d for the Red Cross Fund.

M.B.E. – The M.B.E. has been awarded to Captain Walter G. Gentle, M.C. Of the 202 Battalion Home Guard, for services rendered during the last four years.

Postcards to P.O.Ws – Postcards dated from early 1944 are only now just reaching relatives from the Japanese Prisoner Of War camps.

Whist drive – The first of the fortnightly whist drives held by the Home Guard Social Committee was held in the Drill Hall. The Master of Ceremonies was Lieutenant Renault.

M.M. awarded to Brandon man – On December 11th 1944, Field Marshall Montgomery decorated Lance Corporal Robert Kimberly Linge, 1st Battalion, Suffolk Regiment, with the Military Medal for gallantry on the field. L-Cpl Linge’s parents live at 163 London Road.

Rifle club – The Home Guard has decided to create a rifle club and Lieutenant Smith has been elected as Chairman, with Lieutenant Cameron as Hon. Secretary. Major F Holmes presented a cup to the club for competition shooting.

Piano exam – Myrtle Matthews has passed 1st Class in the Intermediate Grade for Pianoforte at the London College Of Music. The December examinations were held in Cambridge.

Children’s dancing display – A dancing display, by 20 children of the Infants School, Brandon, was given for the benefit of the troops at Weeting. The children, under the guidance of Head Mistress Mrs Barnes, also sang, and tea was provided for all afterwards.


Juvenile court – An eight year old boy stood before a Juvenile Court where he was discharged with a caution after being found guilty of stealing a rabbit.  Derek Strutt, 10 London Road, had reported his tame rabbit, which was kept in a shed on his allotment along Rattlers Road, as being taken between 22nd December and 23rd December. He told the court that he found the rabbit’s skin and carcass at the boy’s home.  The boy admitted to the court that he had taken it and the Chairman, Mr J.H. Crumpton, dismissed it as being a “boy’s prank”, but the boy’s father was told that he should not have killed the rabbit and skinned it until he was sure of how his son had obtained it.

Fund raising – A collection at the Avenue Cinema raised £56 2s 6d for the Red Cross Prisoner Of War Fund.

Darts – A series of darts matches, played at The Ram Hotel, raised £33 15s for the Red Cross Prisoner Of War Fund.


Darts – A darts match, played at the Duke of Wellington, against N.F.S., raised £3 2s for the Red Cross Prisoner Of War Fund.

G.I. wedding – A wedding took place at St Peter’s Church, Brandon, of Daphne Clemates, daughter of Mr, and the late Mrs, R Raven, and Fred Aubrey (U.S. Army), son of Mr and Mrs F Stemple, Colora, Maryland, U.S.A.  The bride was given away by her uncle, Mr R Raven, of Norwich, and she was attired in a white and gold satin dress, veil and orange blossom headdress. She also had a bouquet of arum lilies and was attended by Miss Pauline Bilverstone who wore a mauve taffeta dress.  The Best Man was Private Albert Parkin (U.S. Army) and the Rev G.M. Napier of Elveden officiated.  The reception was held in the Five Bells.

K.I.A. – Lance Corporal C Scurrell, aged 32, is reported as being killed in action on the Western Front. He was formerly the manager of Moss and Potter wine and spirit merchants, and he leaves a wife who lives along the High Street.

Card from a P.O.W. – Mr and Mrs Glaister, 8 White Horse Street, Town Street, have received a card dated 2-11-44 from their son Private S Glaister. In it he states that he has been moved to Fukuoka Camp in Japan and had previously been working in Singapore and Thailand. He claimed to have received 32 letters dated up to 10th January 1944 and he is currently in good health.


P.O.W. repatriated – Mr W Kent, 135 London Road, has received news that his son, Lance Corporal Charles Graham Kent, Queen’s Own Royal West Kent Regiment, is in Allied hands and should be returning to the UK as soon as possible. It appears Lance Corporal Kent had been a P.O.W. since 1940 and was at Stalag A.B. Camp and this report was received by the Record Office from Moscow.

Parish Council – At a meeting of the Brandon Parish Council the following were raised:

  • Nothing had been done about de-requisitioning of the Church Institute.
  • The case for a new Brandon – Lakenheath road was put forward by the Surveyor to the Ministry of War Transport.
  • It was decided not to proceed with the idea of a dimmed light on the Market Hill. The Clerk reported that the clock could not be lit due to the severe frosts and it was impossible to replace the damaged parts.
  • It had been agreed to put in temporary repairs to the Avenue fence and to ask for quotes for concrete posts.

P.O.W. repatriated – Lieutenant Basil Rought-Rought, who was a Norfolk and West Suffolk County cricketer, is reported to be back in England after spending five years as a Prisoner Of War.  He, and others from his regiment the 7th Royal Norfolk Regiment, were taken prisoner in France in June 1940. He successfully escaped on his second attempt reaching France and then the UK. He is now over a stone lighter than before being captured and is at Brandon with his parents and two brothers.

Cinema note – The Avenue Cinema cashier is named Joyce Beckham.

M.R.D.C. – The Mildenhall Rural District Council has agreed to thirty temporary dwellings for the district. It is proposed that Brandon will get nine of these.


SNOW!  Snow has fallen in May!

Golden wedding anniversary – Mr and Mrs Catchpole have celebrated their golden wedding anniversary at their home in London Road. Mr Catchpole was unable to come downstairs due to his ill health.

Parish Council – At a recent meeting of Brandon Parish Council the following were raised:

  • Mr H Lingwood was re-elected as Chairman.
  • Mr Bernard Lingwood elected as Vice-Chairman.
  • It was reported that the de-requisitioning of the Church Institute was still ongoing but the situation was not good because the public still do not have use of a hall in the town.
  • There was a discussion about the impending V.E. Day celebrations and the Chairman reported that he had asked the local clergy to arrange for a thanksgiving service.

V.E. DAY – 8th May

Police court – Private Levi Callear, of the Pioneer Corps, was sentenced to three months hard labour for stealing approximately £50 from the wallet of Private Johnson at Brandon. He was also sentenced for another three months hard labour for stealing a bicycle from Thetford.

Death of a flintknapper – It has been reported that a well-known flintknapper, Mr Charles Edwards, Thetford Road, has died. He was 75 years of age.

Wounded – Mr and Mrs Field, Manor Road, have received official notification that their son, Sapper Stanley Field, Royal Engineers, was wounded in Italy on April 21st and is recovering in hospital. He is 23 and was involved in the evacuation at Dunkirk in 1940.

M.R.D.C. – On Thursday 10th May the Mildenhall Rural District Council stood for a minute silence as a tribute to those who had died in the war.

V.E. Week celebrations – An open-air dance during V.E. week along the London Road raised £5 12s 1d for the British Red Cross Society.

Brandon Boy Scouts – The 1st Brandon Boy Scouts held an exhibition of Scouts in the Norfolk Hut where a miniature camp was created and an exhibition of scout work was on show. On V.E. Day a great exhibition was held around a cap fire and donations amounting to £7 10s were received for the Scouts’ Camping Fund.


Compensation case – 16 year old Ivy Dixon has successfully sued S&P Lingwood after she lost her hand and has accepted £1,400 as compensation, along with her court costs paid and an indemnity against the cost of an artificial hand, which will be made at Roehampton.

Wedding – Miss Dorothy Mail, daughter of Mrs Mail, 11 Mile End, has just married Sergeant Ralph Cooper, U.S.A.A.F. The bride wore grey.

Victory tea – A Victory Tea was held for the children of Town Street, Manor Road and Mile End in the Town Street Methodist Church. Each child was presented with 9d, and 1s was sent to all who could not attend.

Golden wedding anniversary man dies – Mr Catchpole, who last month celebrated his golden wedding anniversary, has died. During his anniversary he was too ill to come downstairs.

On leave – Sergeant Cecil Towler, Canadian Army, is spending a short leave with his parents, Mr and Mrs Towler, 65 London Road, before returning to his wife in Ontario. He had been a Prisoner Of War in Germany following his capture during the Dieppe Raid, whilst serving with the Canadian Army. During the raid he had been wounded in the forearm and shoulder and had spent five months in hospital and kept captive in chains for eight months.

P.O.W. returns home – Private J Brown, 75 London Road, has returned home to his wife after spending almost five years as a Prisoner Of War. He served with the Suffolk Regiment at the start of the war and was captured at Dunkirk.

Wedding – Joyce Wright, daughter of Mrs, and the late Mr, Wright, of Drove Cottage, Brandon, has married Private James Emot Patishall, U.S.A.A.F., son of Mr and Mrs Pattishall, Georgia, U.S.A.

Liberal candidate in town – Mr H.C. Drayton, prospective Liberal candidate, has visited the School Hall in the town, on Monday 18th June, at 7.30pm.

Wedding – Miss Eileen Naylor, daughter of Mr and Mrs W.H. Naylor, ‘The Vines’, Brandon has married Staff Sergeant Joseph C. Cross, U.S.A.A.F. at St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in Thetford. The bride is currently employed at Barclays Bank.

Death of a flintknapper – It has been announced that a well-known Brandon flintknapper, Mr Frank Edwards, 99 Thetford Road, has died. He was aged 58.


Cricket – The Recreation Cricket Club entertained Methwold on Sunday 1st July and won by 102 runs to 23.

Cricket – Brandon’s Recreation Cricket Club entertained a Royal Artillery XI on Saturday 7th July and won by 63 runs to 54.

Bowls – The Railway Hotel team beat the Methwold ‘Lock’ public house twice – 69-44 and 74-55.

General Election – Labour sweeps the country!
However the Tories hold Bury constituency. The result is:

  • Lieutenant-Colonel G.B. Clifton-Brown (Conservative) = 15,013
  • Miss Cicely McCall (Labour) = 9,195
  • Mr H.C. Drayton (Liberal) = 5,863
  • Mr Gordon England (C.W.) = 750. He lost his deposit.

There were 45,482 voters in the constituency and of these 30,887 voted in the election. There were 66 spoilt papers.

Lighting – The Gas Company promised to have the street lighting restored in Brandon by September 18th, and the East Anglian Electric Company were planning to light the lamps on the Market Hill and at the crossroads by 18th August. The latter would cost £17 15s 4d per year to run.

Cricket – Brandon’s Recreation Cricket Club beat the Thetford Petroleum Club by 53 runs.

Parish Council – The Brandon Parish Council decided to support the Lakenheath Parish Council with a request to the Ministry of War Transport for a new road to be built between Lakenheath and Brandon.


Garden party – Mr H Lingwood held a garden party at Northumberland House and 700 guests attended. Mrs D.P. Lingwood opened the party and she was presented with a bouquet created by Miss Dawn Rae. There were many stalls, competitions, sideshows, a display of children’s dancing, which was directed by Mrs Barnes, and vocal and instrumental renderings from the U.S.A.A.F. The finale was dancing on the lawn to Mr Tom Green’s radio. Approximately £95 was raised for the Baptist Church Renovations and Repairs Fund.

V.J. DAY – 15th August

Disbandment of the Home Guard – Colonel Garratt, Chairman of the Suffolk Territorial Army Association has sent an appeal to members of the Home Guard in the county of Suffolk.

“The final disbandment of the Home Guard in the county has not yet taken place and members are requested to keep their articles of uniform they were allowed to retain on their ‘Stand Down’, until such final disbandment is effected.  I feel sure that a fair number of members will not desire to retain their uniforms as they will have no use for them and it is to these members that I appeal for such articles of uniform, especially battle dress, great coats, boots and anklets, to be handed over to the Army Cadet Force Units in the county.  Any members who wish to surrender items of uniform when the final disbandment is effected and have any difficulties in contacting a local Army Cadet Force Unit are requested to notify the Secretary, Suffolk Army Cadet Committee, 14 Burlington Road, Ipswich.”


P.O.W. – Mrs Croxall, 12 Crown Street, has received a card from her husband, Private C.H. Croxall, who is a prisoner of the Japanese. The card, dated 21-08-45, says, ”Have received mail … don’t worry over me. I’m in perfect health”.  This is the first news about her husband ion sixteen months and it took twelve days to reach her.

Names of P.O.Ws – The Bury Free Press reported that the following men were listed as Prisoners Of War and had been held captive by the Japanese during the war, but were now safe. Some were in India and others in Australia.

  • William Kent, 2nd son of Mr and Mrs Kent, Fishponds, Brandon.
  • Gunner E Stebbing, husband of Mrs E Stebbing, The Ram Hotel.
  • Sergeant R Caward, husband of Mrs R Caward, High Lodge, Brandon.
  • Private F Royal, Cambs Regiment, son of Mr and Mrs R Royal, 155 Thetford Road.
  • Corporal H Lockwood, husband of Mrs H Lockwood, 100 Thetford Road.
  • The following has been confirmed as dying as a P.O.W.
  • Henry Kent, elder son of Mr and Mrs Kent, Fishponds, Brandon.

VJ celebrations for Brandon children – The children living in Thetford Road, Bury Road and George Street were treated to a day on the coast at Hunstanton as a V-J treat.  Sixty-four children from Town Street were given an outing to Hunstanton and also 4s to spend on the day, and those children who could not attend were given 4s 5d. The day was organised by Mr Dyer and Brandon’s Home Guard.  On Sunday 23rd August children from High Street and Lode Street went to Great Yarmouth for the day with their parents.

Award – Corporal Alan Butcher, R.A.S.C., who has served three years abroad, has been awarded the Greek Order of St Marks. His parents Mr and Mrs J Butcher live at ‘Rosthem’, London Road, Brandon.


K.I.A. – It has been announced that Driver Sydney Churchyard died during the fighting at Arnhem. At the time he was reported as missing in action, but his death has now been confirmed. His parents live at 193 London Road.

Thanksgiving week – On 13th October, Brandon’s ‘Thanksgiving Week’ started with a torchlight procession which was accompanied by the Cambridge Silver Prize Band. The event also included a Thanksgiving Service led by the Rev Tyrell Green and assisted by the Rev D.H. Bareham, Chaplain E.E. Ramsay, C.S. Band and united choirs. Mr A.E. Chapman conducted the singing and music. A Grand Victory Ball featuring both new and old dancing, was held at the Church Institute and here the music was played by the B.B.C. artists featuring 7-year-old Pamela Beales who was about to leave for Hollywood to take up film work. The Master of Ceremonies was Mr D.P. Lingwood. Other events included a monster whist drive, the Norwich Juvenile Theatre and another visit from Madame Osina’s Concert Party.


Football results – Brandon Recreation beat Town Street 5-3, on Crown Meadow. Rec’s goals were scored by R Knights (3) and J Arnold (2).

Football results -On Saturday 3rd November Town Street beat Bury A.T.C., while Brandon Recreation entertained Mundford, beating them 4-3 with goals from R Knights (2), Whitta and Kent.

Parish Council – Brandon Parish Council has made further requests to have the pill boxes and road blocks removed from the town.

P.O.Ws return home to Brandon – It has been reported that the following Brandon men have now returned back home for the Prisoner Of War camps that they had been held in.

  • Private A Carter, London Road.
  • Gunner E Stebbings, Ram Hotel.
  • Private K Adams, Thetford Road.
  • Sapper L.J. Royal.
  • Private W.A. Copping, Park View.
  • Sapper Mouncer, Santon Downham.

Football – On November 17th Brandon Recreation lost to Lakenheath 0-2.

Darts – The Flowerpot beat the Brandon British Legion 8-4.


5th Battalion

The Suffolk Regiment

A reunion will be held in the Corn Exchange, Bury St Edmunds, at 7pm on Saturday December 29th, 1945. All ranks who have served with the Battalion since May 1939 are invited. Tickets (5s) may be obtained on written application to the Hon. Secretary Major P.N. Fletcher, 5th Battalion, The Suffolk Regiment Reunion, 77a College Lane, Bury St. Edmunds.  These must be applied for by 15th December 1945.

Darts – The Duke of Wellington public house beat Timber Control 8-4.
The Five Bells beat Brandon British Legion the 8-7.
The Brandon British Legion beat Pioneer Corps Sergeants’ Mess 6-2.

Football – Brandon Recreation lost to Feltwell 1-3.

Football – On Saturday 15th Town Street visited Thetford Town in the first round of the Norfolk Junior Cup, and “Thetford Just Scrape Home”. Thetford were 3-0 up by halftime but then slackened their pace and Town Street scored three goals to equalise which led to a “good scrap”. Thetford were awarded a penalty in the last few minutes, which they scored to win. The Thetford scorers were Eggleton (2), Allington and Jermey.

TO 1946!
Now that the long struggle has ended,
and the well deserved victory has taken
place, we all hope that we shall be able
to join in the battle of winning the peace,
and offer our co-operation in the many
ways in which Gas will serve in the future.