January 1, 2019

Thanksgiving Week


From 1940, and for every subsequent year of the war, there was a national drive to get the population to save their money.  People could buy war bonds or put their money into other savings schemes, with the aim of putting more cash into the hands of the government rather than individuals or businesses.  The government would then spend the money on the war effort.  Each year had a different focus and schemes were based locally, often leading to neighbouring towns competing as to who would pledge the most savings.

For Brandon in 1945, it was all about a ‘Thanksgiving Week’, saving the equivalent amount of money to bring ‘our lads’ home and help rebuild the nation.


  • Brandon’s ‘Thanksgiving Week’ started with a torchlight procession which was accompanied by the Cambridge Silver Prize Band.
  • The event also included a Thanksgiving Service led by the Rev Tyrell Green and assisted by the Rev D.H. Bareham, Chaplain E.E. Ramsay, C.S. Band and united choirs.  Mr A.E. Chapman conducted the singing and music.
  • A Grand Victory Ball featuring both new and old dancing, was held at the Church Institute and here the music was played by the B.B.C. artists featuring 7-year-old Pamela Beales who was about to leave for Hollywood to take up film work.
  • The Master of Ceremonies was Mr D.P. Lingwood. Other events included a monster whist drive, the Norwich Juvenile Theatre and another visit from Madame Osina’s Concert Party.