October 9, 2013

Cinema – 1945

Cinema listings
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All film titles and times are taken from a contemporary local newspaper, The Bury Free Press.

SF = Supporting feature

Date: Time: Title: Rating: Starring: Comments:


Mon 1, Tues 2, Wed 3, Bell Bottom George  George Formby SF=”Falling Stones”, starring Charles Starrett.
Thurs 4, Fri 5, Sat 6, Tuttles Of Tahiti  U  Charles Laughton SF=”Bashful Bachelor”, starring Chester Luack.
Sun 7, Jesse James At Bay    Roy Rogers SF=”Fake Witness”.
Mon 8, Tues 9, Wed 10, I Walked With A Zombie U  James Ellison SF=”Cinderella Swings It”, starring Guy Kibbee.
Thurs 11, Fri 12, Sat 13, Appointment In Berlin U  George Sanders SF=”Under your Hat”, starring Jack Hulbert.
Sun 14, They Dare Not Love    George Brest SF=”Henpecked”.
Mon 15, Tues16, Wed 17, Hit Parade Of 1944 U  John Carroll SF=”The Traitor Within”, starring Jean Parker.
Thurs 18, Fri 19, Sat 20, In which We Serve U  Noel Coward SF=”The World In Action”.
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Sun 21, Female Correspondent     Virginia Bruce SF=”Officer and the Lady”.
Mon 22, Tues 23, Wed 24, My Kingdom For A Cook U  Charles Coburn SF=”The Strangest Case”, featuring Warner Baxter.
Thurs 25, Fri 26, Sat 27, The Purple V U  John Archer SF=”the Lambert Walk”, starring Lupino Lane.
Sun 28,   Bed-Time Story    Frederic March SF=”The Boss Said No”.
Mon 29, Tues 30, Wed 31,   Dangerous Blondes U  Evelyn Keyes SF=”Is Everybody Happy”, starring Ted Lewis.
Thurs 1, Fri 2, Sat 3,   The Case Of The Frightened Lady  Marius Goring SF=”Doughboys In Ireland”, starring Kenny Baker.
Sun 4, Time Out For Rythm  Ann Miller SF=”The Devil Commands”.
February Mon 5, Tues 6, Wed 7, Two Senoritas  Joan Davis  SF=”All At Sea”, starring Sandy Powell.
Thurs 8, Fri 9, Sat 10, Chatterbox    Judy Canova SF=”The Attorney’s Dilemma”.
Sun 11, Congo Swing    Arthur Lake SF=”Two Latins From Manhattan”.
Mon 12, Tues13, Wed 14, The Falcon In Danger  Tom Conway SF=”Mexican Spitfire Blessed Event”, starring Lupe Velez.
Thurs 15, Fri 16, Sat 17, I Married A Witch  Frederic March SF=”Undercover Man”, starring William Boyd.
Sun 18, Sing For Your Supper     Jinx Falkenburg SF=”Canal Zone”.
Mon 19, Tues 20, Wed 21, Woman Of The Town    Claire Trevor SF=”About Face”, starring William Tracy.
Thurs 22, Fri 23, Sat 24, None Shall Escape A  Alexander Knox Full Supporting Programme.
Sun 25,   She Knew All The Answers    Joan Bennett SF=”Murder Ring”.
Mon 26, Tues 27, Wed 28,   Idaho U  Roy Rogers SF=”The Mystery Broadcast”, starring Frank Albertson.
Thurs 1, Fri 2, Sat 3,   The Bells Go Down U  Tommy Trinder SF=”Flying With Music”, starring Marjorie Woodworth.
Sun 4, The Lady Is Willing  Fred McMurray SF=”Tramp, Tramp, Tramp”.
March Mon 5, Tues 6, Wed 7, My Learned Friend U  Will Hay  SF=”Crimes At The Dark House”, starring Todd Slaughter.
Thurs 8, Fri 9, Sat 10, In Old Oklahoma U  John Wayne SF=”V1″, also “March Of Time”.
Sun 11, Meet The Stewards    William Holden SF=”Stork pays Off”.
Mon 12, Tues13, Wed 14, Walter Wanger’s Vogues U   SF=”Song Of Texas”, starring Roy Rogers.
Thurs 15, Fri 16, Sat 17, The Crystal Ball U  Ray Milland SF=”The Leather Burners”, starring William Boyd.
Sun 18, Secrets     Warren William SF=”Two In A Taxi”.
Mon 19, Tues 20, Wed 21, Man And His Mate A  Victor Mature SF=”Young And Willing”, starring William Holding, also “The World in Action”.
Thurs 22, Fri 23, Sat 24, Candlelight In Algeria U  James Mason SF=”The Lost Canyon”, starring William Boyd.
Sun 25,   TBA    
Mon 26, Tues 27, Wed 28,   Hands Across The Border U  Roy Rogers SF=”The Chinese Bungalow”, starring Paul Lukas.
Thurs 29, Fri 30, Sat 31,   Champagne Charlie A  Tommy Trinder SF=”Left of The Line”.
Sun 1, TBA
April Mon 2, Tues 3, Wed 4, Algiers U  Charles Boyer  SF=”Return Of the Vikings”.
Thurs 5, Fri 6, Sat 7, Saloon Bar U  Goden Harker SF=”Rhythm Serenade”, starring Vera Lynn.
Sun 8, TBA    
Mon 9, Tues10,  Wed 11, Someone To Remember U  Mabel Paige SF=”Swing Your Partner”, starring LuluBelle & Scotty..
Thurs 12, Fri 13, Sat 14, The Man From ‘Frisco A  Michael O’Shea SF=”Fall In”, starring William Tracy.
Sun 15, TBA     
Mon 16, Tues 17, Wed 18, Casanova In Burlesque  U  Joe E. Brown SF=”In Rosie’s Room”, starring Jane Frazee, also “World in Action”.
Thurs 19, Fri 20, Sat 21, Hi Diddle Diddle A  Adolphe Menjou SF=”Border Patrol”, starring William Boyd.
Sun 22,   TBA    
Mon 23, Tues 24, Wed 25,   They Come To A City U Jjohn Clements SF=”Close Harmony”, starring Charles Starrett.
Thurs 26, Fri 27, Sat 28,   The Fighting SeaBees U  John Wayne SF=”Dudes Are Pretty People”, starring Jimmy Rogers.
Sun 29, TBA
May Mon 30, Tues 1, Wed 2, Headline U  David Farar  SF=”Trocadero”, starring Johnny Downs.
Thurs 3, Fri 4, Sat 5, Hangmen Also Die A  Brian Doulevy SF=”March Of Time”.
Sun 6, TBA    
Mon 7, Tues8,  Wed 9, Mr. Deeds Comes To Town U  Gary Cooper SF= Pathe Pictorial.
Thurs 10, Fri 11, Sat 12, Storm Over Lisborn U  Richard Arden SF=”The Chinese Cat”, starring Sidney Toler.
Sun 13, Men Of San Quentin U  Eleanor Stewart SF=”Let’s Get Tough”.
Mon 14, Tues 15, Wed 16, The Iron Road U  Richard Dix SF=”Charlie Chan In Secret Service”, starring Sidney Toler. 
Thurs 17, Fri 18, Sat 19, San Demetrio London U  Walter Fitzgerald SF=”Journal Of Resistance”.
Sun 20,   Inside the Law     SF=”Gallant Lady”.
Mon 21, Tues 22, Wed 23,   Tropicana U  Mae West SF=”There’s Something About A Soldier”, starring Tom Neal.
Thurs 24, Fri 25, Sat 26,   Hello Beautiful U  George Murphy SF=”Battle Of Britain”.
Sun 27, The Last Command  Alan Baxter SF=”She’s In The Army”.
Mon 28, Tues 29, Wed 30, Man’s Castle U  Spencer Tracy SF=”Clancy Street Boys”, starring East Side Kids.
Thurs 31, Fri 1, Sat 2, For Those in Peril U David Farrar SF=”Yellow Rose Of Texas”, starring Roy Rogers.
Sun 3,   A Night For A Crime    Lyle Talbot  SF=”City Of Silent Men”.
June Mon 4, Tues 5, Wed 6, Warn that Man U  Gordon Harker  SF=”Ghosts In The Night”, starring East Side Kids.
Thurs 7, Fri 8, Sat 9, Men Are Not Gods U  Rex Harrison Full Supporting Programme.
Sun 10, Boss Of Big Town    Johnny Brown SF=”Queen Of Broadway”.
Mon 11, Tues 12,  Wed 13, Hey Rookie U  Ann Miller SF= “Swing Out The Blues”, starring Bob haynes.
Thurs 14, Fri 15, Sat 16, Undercover U  John Clements SF=”Taxi Mister”, starring William Bendix.
Sun 17, Youth Takes A Hand U  Alan Baxter SF=”Dawn Of The Great Divide”.
Mon 18, Tues 19, Wed 20, Knickerbocker Holiday U  Eddie Nelson SF=“Yanks Ahoy”, starring William Tracy. 
Thurs 21, Fri 22, Sat 23, The Halfway House U  Esmund Knight SF=”Whispering Footsteps”, starring John Hubbard.
Sun 24,   Man Of Courage    Barton MacLane SF=”Brewery At Midnight”.
Mon 25, Tues 26, Wed 27,   Lady In the Death House A  Jean Parker SF=”Cowboy And The Senorita”, starring Roy Rogers.
Thurs 28, Fri 29, Sat 30,   Striptease Lady A  Barbara Stanwyck Full Supporting Programme.
Sun 1, Spy Train  Richard Travis SF=”The Ghost And the Guest”.
July Mon 2, Tues 3, Wed 4, The Silver Key  Edmund Lowe  SF=”Sailors Holiday”, starring Arthur Lake.
Thurs 5, Fri 6, Sat 7, Melody Parade    Eddie Quillian SF=”Submarine Base”, starring Alan Baxter.
Sun 8, Women In The War     SF=”The Old Homestead”.
Mon 9, Tues 10,  Wed 11, Kansan  Richard Dix SF=”Jacare”.
Thurs 12, Fri 13, Sat 14, Thursday Child  Wilfred Lawson SF=”Tiger Fangs”, starring Frank Buck.
Sun 15, Sleepy Time Gal    Judy Canova SF=”Tragedy At Midnight”.
Mon 16, Tues 17, Wed 18, It Happened One Sunday A  Barbara White SF=”Lil Marlene”.
Thurs 19, Fri 20, Sat 21, Fiddlers Three U  Tommy Trinder SF=”Follies Girl”, starring Wendy Barrie.
Sun 22,   Down Mexico Way    Gene Autry SF=”Pardon My Stripes”.
Mon 23, Tues 24, Wed 25,   The Thief Of Bagdad  Conrad Veidt Full Supporting Programme.
Thurs 26, Fri 27, Sat 28,   Johnny Vagabond U James Cagney  SF=”Prairie Chickens”, starring Jimmy Rogers.
Sun 29, Lady For A Night John Wayne  SF=”Susanna”.
August Mon 30, Tues 31, Wed 1, Spare A Copper  George Formby  Full Supporting Programme.
Thurs 2, Fri 3, Sat 4, Mystery Of The 13th Guest  Dick Purcell SF=”Corregidor”, starring Otto Kruger.
Sun 5, Hitting The Headlines    Albert Decker SF=”Hearth Of The Rio Grande”.
Mon 6, Tues 7,  Wed 8, The Divorce Of Lady X  Lawrence Olivier SF=”The Big Pack”.
Thurs 9, Fri 10, Sat 11, The Girl Who Dared A  Lorna Grey SF=”Let George Do It”, starring George Formby.
Sun 12, The Girl From Alaska    Jean Perker SF=”Affairs Of Jimmy Valentine”.
Mon 13, Tues 14, Wed 15, Pistol Packing Mama  Ruth Terry SF=”Tell Me To-Night”, starring Jan Kiepura.
Thurs 16, Fri 17, Sat 18, Jack London  Michael O’Shea SF=”Calaboose”, starring Noah Berry Jnr.
Sun 29,   Ladies In Retirement    Ida Lupino SF=”Alias Boston Blackie”.
Mon 20, Tues 21, Wed 22,   These Three  Bonnita Granville Full Supporting Programme.
Thurs 23, Fri 24, Sat 25,   Hot Rythm  Robert Lowery  SF=”The Port Of Forty Thieves”, starring Louis Armstrong & Orchestra.
Sun 26, Men In Her Life  Loretta Young SF=”Lone Wolf Takes A Chance”.
Mon 27, Tues 28, Wed 29, Lady Hamilton  Lawrence Olivier Full Supporting Programme.
Thurs 30, Fri 31, Sat 1, Western Approaches Full Supporting Programme.
Sun 2, Texas  William Holden SF=”Not A Ladies’ Man”.
September Mon 3, Tues 4, Wed 5, Louisiana Hayride  Judy Canova SF=”The Double Punch”, starring Charles Starrett.
Thurs 6, Fri 7, Sat 8, One Exciting Night    Vera Lynn SF=”The Ghost That Walks Alone”, starring Arthur Lake.
Sun 9, A Yank In Dutch    Franchot Tone SF=”Broadway Ahead”.
Mon 10, Tues 11,  Wed 12, One Night Of Love  Grace Moore SF=”Let’s have Fun”, starring Margaret Lindsay.
Thurs 13, Fri 14, Sat 15, The Ghost Of St. Michaels  Will Hay SF=”Beautiful But Broke”, starring Joan Davis.
Sun 16, He Stayed For Breakfast    Melvyn Douglas SF=”Perfect Crime”.
Mon 17, Tues 18, Wed 19, Nine Girls  Anne Harding SF=”Shadows In The Night”, starring Warner Baxter.
Thurs 20, Fri 21, Sat 22, He Snoops To Conquer  George Formby Full Supporting Programme.
Sun 23,   The Lady In Question    Rita Hayworth SF=”Penthouse Mystery”.
Mon 24, Tues 25, Wed 26,   The Unknown Guest  Victor Jory SF=”Where Are Your Children”, starring Jackie Cooper.
Thurs 27, Fri 28, Sat 29,   Atlantic City  Constance Moore  SF=”My Best Gal”, starring Jane Withers.
Sun 30, Remember Pearl Harbour  Donald M. Barry SF=”Hi Neighbour”.
October Mon 1, Tues 2, Wed 3, Secrets Of Scotland Yard  C. Aubrey Smith SF=”Block Busters”, starring East Side Kids.
Thurs 4, Fri 5, Sat 6, Brazil    Virginia Bruce Full Supporting Programme.
Sun 7, Moonlight Masquerade    Dennis O’Keefe SF=”S.O.S. Coastguard”.
Mon 8, Tues 9,  Wed 10, Song Of Nevada  Roy Rogers SF=”The Block Busters”, starring East Side Kids.
Thurs 11, Fri 12, Sat 13, The Beautiful Cheat  Rosalind Russell Full Supporting Programme.
Sun 14, Affairs Of Jimmy Valentine    Dennis O’Keefe SF=”Stardust on The Stage”.
Mon 15, Tues 16, Wed 17, Behind The Rising Sun  J. Carrol Naish SF=”Kansas City Kitty”, starring Joan Davis.
Thurs 18,  The Marked Man  Richard Dix SF=”Jamboree”, starring George Byron.
Fri 19, Sat 20,   North Star    Walter Huston Full Supporting Programme.
Sun 21,   Tuttles Of Tahiti  Charles Laughton SF=”Mexican Spitfire Sees A Ghost”.
Mon 22, Tues 23, Wed 24,   Grissley’s Millions  Paul Kelly  SF=”Goodnight Sweetheart”
Thurs 25, Fri 26, Sat 27,  Once Upon A Time    Full Supporting Programme.
Sun 28, Tom, Dick & Harry   SF=”Mexican Spitfire’s Baby”.
Mon 29, Tues 30, Wed 31, The Flacon And The Co-Eds  Tom Conway SF=”Rookies In Burma”, starring Alan Carney.
Thurs 1, Fri 2, Sat 3, Secret Command  Pat O’Brien SF=”Swing And Sway”, starring Jane Frazee.
Sun 4, Mayor of 4th Street  George Murphy SF=”Swing Your Worries Away”.
November Mon 5, Tues 6, Wed 7, Sleepy Lagoon  Judy Canova SF=”The Soul Of A Monster”, starring Rose Hobart.
Thurs 8, Fri 9, Sat 10, Casanova Brown    Gary Cooper Full Supporting Programme.
Sun 11, Kitty Foyle    Ginger Rogers SF=”Parachute Battalion”.
Mon 12, Tues 13,  Wed 14, The Fallen Sparrow  John Garfield Full Supporting Programme.
Thurs 15, Fri 16, Sat 17, Strange Affair  Allen Joslyn SF=”Ever Since Venus”, starring Ina Ray Hutton.
Sun 18, Citizen Kane    Orson Welles SF=”Hurry Charlie Hurry”.
Mon 19, Tues 20, Wed 21, Carolina Blues  Kay Kyser SF=”Sergeant Mike”, starring Larry Parks & Disney cartoon.
Thurs 22, Fri 23, Sat 24, Once Upon A Honeymoon  Cary Grant SF=Disney cartoon.
Sun 25,   My Life With Caroline    Ronald Colman SF=”Mexican Spitfire’s Elephant”.
Mon 26, Tues 27, Wed 28,   Around The World  Kay Kyser SF=”Behind Closed Doors”, starring Chester Morris.
Thurs 29, Fri 30, Sat 1,    Flight For Freedom  Rosalind Russell  SF=Disney cartoon.
Sun 2, Hit Parade    SF=”Shantytown”.
December Mon 3, Tues 4, Wed 5, Meet Miss Bobby Socks  Bob Crosby SF=”The Black Parachute”, starring John Carradine.
Thurs 6, Fri 7, Sat 8, Escape To Danger    Eric Portman SF=”Disney cartoon.
Sun 9, Ice Capades Revue    Ellen Drew SF=”Secrets Of The Underground”.
Mon 10, Tues 11,  Wed 12, Silver Spurs  Roy Rogers SF=”Nobody’s Darling”, starring Mary Lee.
Thurs 13, Fri 14, Sat 15, Show Business  Eddie Cantor SF=”Disney cartoon
Sun 16, Flying Tigers    John Wayne SF=”Sunset On The Desert”.
Mon 17, Tues 18, Wed 19, Sahara  Humphrey Bogart Full Supporting Programme.
Thurs 20, Fri 21, Sat 22, Arms And The Woman  Edward G. Robinson SF=”Unwritten Code”, starring Tom Neal.
Sun 23,   My Favourite Wife    Cary Grant SF=”Bashful Batchelor”.
Mon 24, Tues 25, Wed 26,   Faces In The Fog  Jane Withers SF=”Heading For God’s Country”, starring Virginia Dale.
Thurs 27, Fri 28,    Hoppity Goes To Town    Filmed in technicolour;
=”End Of The Road”
Sat 29,  Flame Of Barbary Coast  John Wayne   SF=”End Of The Road”.
Sun 30, Date With The Falcon  Tom Conway SF=”Call Out The Marines”.